Lifestyle & Wellness Audit

Lifestyle & Wellness Audit


Initial Consultation - one hour

Book a consultation with Richard to design your fitness programme, overcome negative habits and help you towards becoming the most powerful and positive version of you.

Through this initial consultation he will assess your health, fitness and lifestyle patterns, identify any areas for development and set up a strategy.


Kick start better habits today with my fitness, nutrition and lifestyle consultation. 

KNOW YOURSELF | I will conduct physical assessments (assessing your posture, flexibility, metabolic age, blood pressure, heart rate and body fat), lifestyle analysis (nutrition & exercise), fitness level assessments (cardiovascular & muscular endurance).

CHOOSE A PATH | Together, we will set realistic fitness, nutrition, wellbeing goals and develop a bespoke plan for achieving them.

TAKE ACTION | I will guide you towards lifestyle and exercise choices to help make your best self a reality.